The Secret Journeys Gazette

Why use “Gazette” to name our website’s news blog?

Posted by Philippe Hertzberg on

The name Gazette offers a link to what Secret Journeys is all about: a compelling combination of storytelling, journalism, and context. Gazzetta was Italian for a 16th-century coin that happened to be the price of the first Venetian newspaper. The French gave the word a Gallic twist in the 17th century as a label for the first newspapers in Paris. Given that Secret Journeys is based and launching in Paris, it was all the more natural for us to use this name as an homage to this beautiful legacy.

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Introducing Our New Website

Posted by Chris Welsch on

Philippe Hertzberg, founder of Secret Journeys, answers a few questions about our new website: Secret Journeys just launched a new website: Why now and what is its aim?  We launched our travel venture with a clear focus of working hand-in-hand with a selective network of partners. The growing demand for our Journeys combined with the development of several new experiences has motivated the building of a new booking process. Our new website was conceived in order to provide the most efficient and user-friendly booking tool for our partners. Our Journeys can also be privatized for a given date and we are...

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