George & Georges

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Step Back in Time to an Authentic French Shoe Shop

This boutique on a quiet street on the Left Bank bears the mark of hundreds of years of French craftsmanship. For more than four decades, master shoemaker Olivier Guyot has been designing, making and repairing shoes while continuing the ancient lineage of apprenticeship that gave him his training. Each year, Olivier designs several styles of men’s shoes and a small selection of shoes for women. They are made to order for the clients of George & Georges by craftsmen under his supervision. These shoes return to the shop with the beige coloration of raw leather. His partner, Anne, is an expert in “patinage,” hand-painting the shoes Olivier makes to the exact specifications of their clients. In her studio upstairs, she says she sees each shoe as “a blank canvas.” She once was asked — and succeeded in — giving a bridegroom’s shoes the color of his fiancée’s blue eyes. After coloring, each shoe is hand polished to a fine, water- and dirt-resistant finish. Enjoy a private afternoon visit to their warm and congenial shop, where you will experience their passion for the making of and care for fine footwear. Step by step, you’ll learn how to care for your own leather accessories while observing the craft of “glaçage,” the polishing of a shoe to a mirror-like, waterproof surface, which, whether you’re wearing jeans or a suit, adds a spark of refinement.

  • Private experience limited to 6 guests
  • Journey takes place at the George & Georges two-level boutique and workshop on the Left Bank
  • Hosted by the proprietors of George & Georges, Olivier and Anne
  • Learn advanced techniques of shoe care from masters of the craft, as well as how craftmanship is still passed on today by the "Companions du Devoir" (Companions of Duty) 
  • Leave with your own leather luggage tag which you will have painted yourself
  • Ends with a glass of champagne in the boutique
  • Total experience lasts 2.5 hours

Meeting point is 41 rue de Verneuil, 75006 Paris