Lorenz Bäumer

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Enter the Unique World of Jeweler and Showman Lorenz Bäumer

 Our journey begins at Place Vendôme, the regal square near the Opera Garnier that evolved into the premier destination for jewelry and watches in the world. As Lorenz Bäumer puts it himself, it’s “one of the only possible addresses for a jeweler claiming excellence.” Here, shoulder to shoulder with his competitors at 19 Place Vendôme, Bäumer presides over his salons in the Hôtel d’Evreux as both an artist and a consummate showman. While he has created a tiara for the Princess of Monaco and been artistic director for the fine jewelry of both Chanel and Louis Vuitton, he has made hospitality a key ingredient of his process. “A piece of jewelry has no other objective than to provide happiness,” he says. “Thus every visit to my salons must be an exceptional experience.” The boutique is both a showplace for his exquisite works — from emerald-eyed dragonflies that appear ready to take wing to cascading diamond necklaces whose geometry seems to defy gravity — and a stage for his other passions, such as fine-art photography and his amazing collection of curiosities. Here we will learn about Bäumer’s meteoric rise in the world of fine jewelry, how he weaves his personal passions into his creations, and how his engineering background has led to technical innovations that make seemingly impossible ideas become realities. We will get a glimpse at his creative process, from initial sketches, to computer modeling to carving, molding, casting and setting stones. Finally, we will have a chance to meet Bäumer himself, to talk about his work, his life and his philosophy.

  • Private experience limited to 6 guests
  • Journey takes place at Lorenz Bäumer's boutique
  • Hosted by staff at the boutique and Lorenz Bäumer himself
  • Learn about the cutting-edge technology used to create custom pieces 
  • See rare precious gemstones and minerals
  • Ends with a glass of champagne in the boutique
  • Total experience lasts 2.5 hours

Meeting point is 19 Place Vendôme, 75002 Paris