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Enjoy an Unforgettable Meal at the Restaurant of a Rising Young Chef

For more than 45 years, the guide Gault & Millau has been a tastemaker in the world of French cuisine. The founders, Henri Gault and Christian Millau, were well-known journalists whose coverage of Paris restaurants became a sensation in the early 1970s, which led to them founding their successful guide. They advocated for a then-controversial approach to cooking described as “la Nouvelle Cuisine,” and they made a set of 10 rules defining a lighter, ingredient-driven and innovative style that changed the way the French — and the world — eats. Gault & Millau, which now produces dining guides and magazines in over 20 countries, is being energized by a new CEO, Côme de Chérisey, pictured above with the Nouvelle Cuisine's leading figure, the venerable Paul Bocuse. Capitalizing on the brand’s tradition of innovation, De Chérisey has introduced new ways to help the most-talented young chefs of tomorrow. Under his endowment program, Gault & Millau critics identify several rising chefs each year, supporting their efforts in establishing new restaurants, most of which have gone on to win Michelin stars after only two years. In this way, the guide hopes to spur the emergence of the next Joël Robuchon, whom they awarded “Chef of the Century” in 1989. In this Secret Journey, a Gault & Millau critic will accompany you to an emerging talent’s restaurant to enjoy a memorable and innovative lunch.

  • Private experience inside the Restaurant Louis limited to 16 guests
  • Meet the restaurant’s chef, Stéphane Pitré, the first winner of the Gault & Millau endowment program in 2014
  • Enjoy a six-course surprise meal prepared with the produce of the day, and the chef’s inspiration, paired with wines
  • With your companion from Gault & Millau by your side, gain insight into the techniques, the skills and the plates that the chef prepares
  • Understand the important legacy left by the founders Henri Gault and Christian Millau and what the "Nouvelle Cuisine" still represents today
  • A unique opportunity to catch a rising star while having an unforgettable meal
  • Total experience lasts 2.5 hours

Meeting point is 23 rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris