Copy of Our Story and Who We Are

Secret Journeys was founded by a team of media professionals, all passionate about Paris and who had a strong desire to share their love for the city they live in and its secret places, using the art of storytelling at its best. With the highest journalistic standards and attention to detail, all our Secret Journeys promise to offer private access, privileged encounters and unforgettable moments.

Philippe Hertzberg The founder of Secret Journeys started his career in media and publishing, first for The Wall Street Journal. His passion for travel then landed him a job at Lonely Planet Guidebooks before joining The New York Times, where he spend over a decade heading their news agency operation. Philippe co-hosts many Secret Journeys and his primary focus is that every one of them is truly unforgettable.

Chris Welsch Chris was a travel writer and photographer, based in Minneapolis, for more than 15 years before moving to Paris to work for The International New York Times as an editor in 2010. His photos and stories have appeared in The New York Times and more than 50 other North American dailies and magazines. In words and pictures, Chris tries to depict the essence and wonder of each Secret Journey.

Alan Riding Alan has traveled the world as a correspondent, covering the United Nations in New York, military regimes and revolutions across Latin America and the collapse of the Soviet bloc. In the late 1980s, he was named the Paris bureau chief for The New York Times and then the European arts critic. Alan shares with you his deep passion and love for the “Luxembourg Gardens.”

Harriet Welty Rochefort Harriet is an American author, journalist and lecturer who has lived in France for more than 40 years. She has written three books about understanding French culture and people. Her articles have appeared in the International Herald Tribune as well as Time and Newsweek magazines. By your side, Harriet brings to life the unique savoir faire of the Maison Legeron silk-flower workshop.

Thierry Secretan Thierry has spent his life using his cameras to understand the world, covering coups in North Africa, strikes in Poland and apartheid in South Africa. His documentaries have appeared on the BBC, Canal+ and 60 Minutes. Thierry is our storyteller for “Montmartre.” Thierry takes you back to the birth of the Belle Époque through his great-grandfather’s many personal and moving stories.

Catherine Monroy Catherine is a French author and journalist who has been a correspondent for Le Monde in Prague and for Le Figaro in Budapest. Catherine has written several fiction and non-fiction books, as well as screenplays for television. Catherine introduces you to the “Galerie de Bayser,” and reveals its hidden treasures.

Susan Herrmann Loomis Susan is an internationally-recognized expert on food and an award-winning journalist/author. She takes a unique approach to her craft by combining training in journalism with a love for food and the people who produce it.  She has worked alongside Patricia Wells, runs her famous blog “On rue Tatin” and published over 10 books, the latest one called “French Grill”. Susan accompanies you to discover the wonders of the “Paris Markets.”

Quentin Henric, the storyteller for our Notre-Dame Secret Journey, is a historian specializing in French Medieval and royal history, and has worked in Notre-Dame for more than two years, giving him an insider's knowledge of the ancient monument. A graduate in history from the Sorbonne and a native Frenchman, Quentin has a special interest in the history of French churches and religion. Quentin has lived in Canada and Italy, and is fluent in Spanish, English and French.