What Our Guests Are Saying

Our Secret Journey tour of Notre-Dame blew me away. Having Notre-Dame to yourself while the choir was practicing, was nothing less than a surreal experience. I was transported back to the Middle Ages. We had access to non-public spaces where the view of the Cathedral was nothing less than breathtaking. If that was not enough, you finish the tour and join an audience of hundreds to see a Concert given by the Notre-Dame choir in your reserved front row seats. Amazing experience.

Ed & Barbra Wengler, Point Lookout - New York


One of the most calm, peaceful and spiritual moments of my life. I was brought to tears multiple times just sharing these experiences in a crowd-free silence, which was more powerful than I ever would imagine. I'm still in awe of how magical that night in Notre-Dame was and meeting all our new Secret Journey friends. I look forward to many returns to Paris and fingers crossed, more Secret Journeys. The experiences you provide to people are LIFE CHANGING.

Tricia Kopek, Kansas City


Thank you for this exceptional moment at Notre-Dame. The experience is so unique and inspiring. I am sharing it with my colleagues in magical terms and will convey how magic the experience is with all our guests.

Harold Exbrayat, Peninsula


A big THANK YOU for this exceptional evening in your company. I wanted to congratulate you for your great attention to detail and sophisticated way you welcomed us, for your generosity and your high standards of service. Wishing you all the success you deserve.

Katrin Jasko, Collectionneur


Thank you for this wonderful human escapade and for this magnificent journey in time and music. Thanks to you and your extraordinary passioned storyteller. I will certainly introduce your experiences which will completely suit the tastes of our clientele.

Gregory Green, Crillon


It was a real pleasure to attend your magical journey in the magnificent Notre-Dame cathedral and have the opportunity to listen to the fascinating big organ concert. Thank you for giving us the possibility to live this beautiful experience and to discover your commitment to delivering exceptional moments.

Maren Gremels, Relais-Christine


Thank you so much for allowing me to spend this magnificent moment at Notre-Dame in your company. The “Dame de Coeur” show was simply breathtaking and the VIP services meeting our expectations regarding experiences we are searching for our discerning guests.

Bastien Lalanne, Lutetia