Breakfast in Paris

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Discover Morning in Paris Through Its Coffee and Bakeries

The travel writer Bill Bryson, once quipped, “I love to watch cities wake up, and Paris wakes up more abruptly, more startlingly, than any place I know.” Indeed, Paris in the morning is a study in contrasts. After the first light arrives, and the hour of the commute begins, a switch is flipped, and the serenity of early morning gives way to the bustle of delivery trucks and sidewalks packed with harried Parisians. During our “Breakfast in Paris” Journey, you’ll experience this transition while learning about the love affair Parisians have with coffee and bakeries alongside the chef Marion Flipo. As a graduate of the Institut Paul Bocuse and former executive chef in the Ladurée Group, Marion is also a cookbook author and has a popular French culinary blog. With Marion’s inside perspective, you will visit a traditional French boulangerie and café, while learning how globalization is shifting the way Parisians think about their coffee and bread. From an intimate glimpse of the traditional approach to French breakfast to the changes arriving with the craft coffee movement and American-style baked goods, your view of breakfast in Paris will never be the same.

  • Private experience limited to 6 guests
  • Learn the French history of breakfast, bread and the difference between a pastry chef and a savory chef
  • Visit one of the best bakeries in Paris and taste its specialties
  • Understand how globalization has impacted food trends in Paris today
  • Enjoy a private visit to the premier coffee roaster in Paris, complete with tastings
  • Discover the craft coffee movement in Paris with France’s #1 barista for 2018
  • Visit an innovative French bakery making its mark in Paris
  • Relish a coffee in an opulent and historic café setting
  • Watch as the city wakes up in an authentic Parisian neighborhood
  • Total experience lasts 2.5 hours
  • Walking distance is 1.5 miles or 2.5 kilometers

Starting point is 34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010