Luxembourg Gardens

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Discover Paris’s Most Intriguing Park With an Unforgettable Storyteller

For generations, artists, musicians and writers have been drawn to the peace of the Luxembourg Gardens and, even now, as silent statues, such masters as Delacroix, Chopin and Baudelaire contribute to the area’s elegant dignity. For the past 10 years, Alan Riding, author, playwright and former New York Times correspondent, has also made the gardens his own, crossing them each morning in his walk to his office. “I measure the changing seasons through leaves and flowers,” he tells us, “but I am no less intrigued by how Parisians and tourists choose to enjoy this refuge from a noisy city, whether they be reading, eating, jogging, chatting or…simply kissing.” In this Journey, Riding shares his intimate knowledge of the park as a microcosm of Paris; every shady niche has a story to tell. From the storied pétanque grounds to the Renaissance palace built by a Florentine queen, Riding shares his knowledge and love of a corner of Paris that is shared by all, but truly seen by few.

  • Private experience limited to 6 guests
  • Led by Alan Riding, a British writer and award-winning journalist who is the author of “And the Show Went On,” a book about the cultural life of Paris during World War II
  • A leisurely walk giving an insider’s perspective to the park’s many hidden treasures
  • History, art, music, botany, even bee-keeping are on the program
  • The gardens’ contrasting French and English sections are highly photogenic
  • Ends with a glass of champagne in one of Alan’s favorite spots in the gardens
  • Total experience lasts 2.5 hours

Meeting point is 15 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris